Companion Care Services That Empower Your Loved Ones to Live Independently

If your loved one is missing out on social activities and no longer participating in their favorite hobbies, it may be time to find professional in-home care support. Attend Home Care’s team of caregivers offers companion care services that empower them to continue living fulfilling lives as they age in their own homes.

Our experienced and trained caregivers foster enriching experiences for your elderly loved ones. Companion care focuses on social interaction and emotional support, including engaging in conversations and shared activities. This personalized approach helps enhance their daily happiness and well-being, offering peace of mind when you can’t be there personally.

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Companion Care Services Offered by Attend Home Care

Attend Home Care provides various companion care services to improve the well-being and independence of your elderly loved ones. Our compassionate caregivers support individual senior needs, ensuring your family members feel valued and cared for in their own homes instead of having to go to an assisted living facility.

Companionship & Meaningful Conversation

Our caregivers provide friendly companionship and engaging conversations to help seniors alleviate loneliness and foster emotional well-being. They build strong relationships with their loved ones so they always have someone to talk to and share their thoughts and feelings. With companion care, the older adults in your life will have a new trusted friend to help them at home.

Personal Care

Our personal care services encompass a variety of essential activities to enhance the daily life of your elderly loved ones. This includes meal prep, where we focus on creating nutritious meals tailored to dietary preferences and providing medication reminders. Plus, our light housekeeping services ensure their living spaces are clean and organized. 

We also offer transportation assistance for safe travel to appointments and social events. Our caregivers support running errands and grocery shopping, handling tasks like prescription pickups, and managing shopping lists to simplify and assist with everyday challenges.

Assistance with Hobbies & Shared Activities

We encourage seniors to stay active and engaged by supporting their hobbies and interests. Whether gardening, crafting, or playing games, our caregivers participate in shared activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

Why Families Trust Attend Home Care with Their Loved Ones

Families trust Attend Home Care because of our commitment to providing high-quality, compassionate care services customized to each senior’s needs. Our trained staff, flexible care options, and personalized care plans make sure your elderly loved ones receive the best possible support and attention while remaining in their own homes.

Experienced & Trained Staff

Our caregivers are carefully selected after undergoing background checks and thorough training to provide top-notch home care. With years of experience, they are well equipped to handle various needs and situations, so your loved ones are in capable hands.

Flexibility To Meet Your Needs

Our caregivers understand that every aging family member has different needs and preferences. We offer flexible scheduling options so you can arrange companion care at times that best suit your loved ones’ routines and your family’s needs.

Personalized Care Plans

Each care plan is customized to match the specific preferences and requirements of your loved one. We work closely with families to develop a plan that ensures comfort, independence, and happiness for those in our care.

How Companion Care Differs From Other Hourly Caregivers

Companion care focuses primarily on social engagement and emotional support for seniors, enhancing their quality of life through meaningful interactions and activities of daily living. Unlike conventional caregiving, which often includes personal care tasks such as bathing, grooming, and dressing, companion care prioritizes building relationships as the primary need for care.

This approach helps maintain the independence and well-being of your loved ones by offering them companionship, help with hobbies, and support with everyday errands without the need for extensive personal care services.

Is Companion Care Covered By Insurance?

Companion care for a loved one is considered non-medical care focused on social and emotional support rather than medical or personal care. Some Medicaid programs may offer limited coverage for companion care under specific home and community-based services (HCBS) waivers. 

It’s essential to check with your state’s Medicaid office and explore other potential funding sources such as long-term care insurance, veteran’s benefits, or private pay options to understand what assistance is available for companion care services.

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Choosing companion care services from Attend Home Care ensures your aging loved ones receive the highest level of social and emotional support. Our companion care services include companionship, personal care services like meal preparation and light housekeeping, and assistance with hobbies to enhance your family member’s overall well-being and independence at home.

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