Frequently Asked Questions

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Pay & Benefits

  • Our competitive pay rates vary by location. Please call or send us a message to find out the pay rates in your location!
  • We are proud to offer TOP tier benefits to our awesome caregivers! Our top benefits include: (obtain blurb from Martin)
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • DailyPay (define)
    • Free company sponsored Cell Phone
    • 401k with a match
    • Host of optional employer subsidized benefits (provide list)
  • Eligibility does depend on how many hours you work per week so be sure to discuss these details with us at hire!
  • Yes! Along with DailyPay options if you clock in and out for each shift
  • Absolutely! We offer both Direct Deposit and pay card options for those who don’t want to use a bank account. We also mail checks for employees who prefer that route.

Becoming A Caregiver

  • US Citizen 18+ (confirm requirements)
  • Reach out to us and we will walk you through the entire process! We make it simple and easy and you can do the majority of it remotely!
  • We will need to see [list of documents]
  • We will schedule an orientation to walk you through…(elaborate)
  • We will find you a case that best fits your schedule and matches your preferences!



  • Medicaid and managed Medicaid plans will cover… (pull definition from some of our resources). Need to qualify for Medicaid and need assistance with ADL’s.
  • Veterans may be eligible to have home care covered through their VA benefits. Speak to your local Department of Veterans Affairs about home care options, or contact us to find out for you! Thank you for your service!!
  • We also accept Long Term Care insurance plans, and of course, private pay options.


Our warm and experienced Intake team make the process extremely simple and will walk you through each step. No matter where you are in the process, we will take you through to the finish line and get you signed up for the services you are eligible for!

  • Need to qualify for and be enrolled in Medicaid. See Medicaid qualification requirements here (link to partner resources and gov. site)
  • Need to be enrolled in one of the state HCBS waiver programs or Managed Care organizations (MCO’s). Click here for a list of state specific resources. (link to the state by state resource).
  • A nurse will perform an assessment and determine if you qualify for care and how many hours you are approved for
  • Case Manager will issue an authorization to Attend
  • We will schedule your first day of services. An Attend Nurse will visit you along with your assigned caregiver to develop your Plan of Care (define)

Self-Directed Care

  • Self-Directed Care is… (obtain good definition)
  • If you qualify for standard home care services and are capable of directing your own care, then you typically qualify for Self-Directed Care programs.
  • Typically clients who would like to direct their own care will have a family member or friend that they would like to take care of them. If you do not have anyone in mind, we can help you find someone!

Caring for Family

  • Yes! Unless you are a spouse, designated representative, or parents of someone under 21 who needs care, you are typically eligible to be a caregiver for your family member.
  • Nope!

If you can’t find your question here, contact us!

We proudly provide services across the United States. Click here to see if you qualify for Attend home care!

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